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Legalization of Same Sex Marriage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Legalization of Same Sex Marriage - Essay Example There was paramount work done in developed states mostly United States and those in the European continent. The initials perception for those who advocated and struggled to fight for this abhorrent practice was short sightedness of the issue several consequences. This is because most of them focused on the materials based on the biblical issues without the considerations of the surrounding factors of the family institution as better start point for healthy and prosperous communities of the nation. Their basement on the religious issue was personal to involve, getting in the different religions which was one way of gaining access of banning the laws which acted as barrage to fulfillment of the detestable practice. Then, as it has always been, the repercussions of every action are felt after sometime, hence the fulfillment of the adage which say "time is the best prophet of the future". (Symons, 1980) Gay and lesbian marriage brings about abnormal practices which were unheard in our traditions and already established society. It is not that the people of the old and new generations are in the state of objecting the change. But under the practices which have already been demonstrated throughout the world are alarming due to the use of such homosexually kinds of marriages. Gay marriages have rooted cultures which display non-commitments to the established ways of living. The era before the coming up of most arguments that lead to the founding of the gays and lesbianism, families were mostly established under the heterosexuality mode of marriage. The old set of heterosexuality was more binding to the building of families which were ever long lasting and welcoming. The rapid increase on religions and political as well economic trade with the globalization era is the ones which have brought with them to ever alarming issues on the marriage institutions. (Leach, 1978) The heated debates on liberty for women and for marriage has resulted to the allowing of people to do things on the own will. This has greatly ended up making many families on the contemporary society to have a misunderstanding of marriage values and purposes. As most people would think and consider marriage, most of the early people viewed marriage as means which was set to for particular goal. The family was highly valued as it created a place which the two married people would build one another. Basically, religious studies research and through the biological scientific work which have already been disseminated, there is clear evidence that neither man nor woman can claims that he/she is perfectly complete. This study reveals that they all have certain percentage which is complemented by the partners in which they get involved. The complementation of the two people who get involved in the marriage issues is quite unique. This of course involves a number of ways which are not limit ed to the spiritual, physical and even psychological means. (Rosenblatt, 2005) Legalization of same sex marriages would thus make individuals to get into gay and lesbianism. This would actually invert the purposes of complementation on the wide studied field. The natural over turn of the marriages issues can be viewed as the source of the many problems which the global world is

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