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Influence of Christianity and Islam on Medieval Europe

CHIJIOKE MADUEWESI ID:9315 CHRISTIANITY In medieval Europe, major impacts from the fall of the roman empire still exists today. One of these religion is Christianity, which has made a staunch effect on medieval Europe. Christianity has been a major practice in Europe since the first century. It accounted for more than 76. 2% of the Europeans. Christianity introduced catholic churches in medieval Europe. These churches laid down meaningful influences, which has and is still aiding European countries till date.These churches in medieval Europe somewhat lectured people, that their souls were conceived in sin, and also, these sinful souls could be saved if only they repented. This applied evenly to everyone with no exception, including the kings and queens. These churches taught the European to be charitable, a good example can be seen in the â€Å"Story of lady Godiva†, where she was honored by the population for her charity. The church also started schools in the west, a perfect example is the kings school in Canterbury, that is still operating today despite its Age (founded in 596).The church, also Supplied hospitals for the sick, lame and injured to be catered for. These group of people, had their needs attended to by the nuns and monks of the church. Again, the church made available sanctuary for the oppressed and fugitives. ISLAM Islam, a religion with a strong pursuit for excellence wherever it finds its self. They served â€Å"Allah†, they took prayers very serious, praying five times daily, showing their zeal for righteousness and respect to â€Å"Allah†. Islam significantly were effective in different areas in the early ages of medieval Europe .They gave major influences in various aspect of Europe, as in, Art, architecture, technology, language and many others. First, many words used in Europe were derived from islam. These words are based in major sciences such as mathematics, medicine, physics etc. Some of these words include; Algo rithm derived from â€Å"Al-khwarizmis†, Algebra from â€Å"Al-jabr† etc . These words are still viable today, helping the mathematicians formulate equations in Europe. Furthermore, Arabic schools were created in Europe, in order to support the muslims in Europe to read and write in Arabic.It also functioned to teach its language to people who are willing to transform to a different religion. Several Arabic books, written by great Islamic authors, aided major developments in medicine and physics. Avicenna, a renowned muslim author, famous for his book by the name â€Å"The canon of medicine† which influenced European Medicine and is still a standard medical text book in Europe. In this book, he brought up the idea of infectious/contagious diseases, that spread easily from person to person through air-borne. This has helped doctors today to completely eradicate or vaccinate specific carriers in Europe.Also, Muhammad ibu Zakariye Razi, famous for writing books (en cyclopedias), realeased his book by name â€Å"The comprehensive Book of Medicine†, which has carefully explained the distinctions between certain diseases such as measles from chicken pox, thereby, enabling the doctors to vividly discover the symptoms that cause them, also, prevents these doctors from mixing both. In physics, another popular author, Alhazer, wrote the â€Å"Book of Optics† (Ibu al-ttaytham) it was highly notable for its development and influence on the theory of vision and light, which has made major changes in the optic world of physics in medieval Europe.In medieval Europe, Islamic arts were highly rated and decorative, thus, its high importation into Europe. Its designs featured man hunting and carvings, which indicate ancient renaissance art, which has been greatly acknowledged in Europe. However, it is fascinating to know that, home materials such as carpets and flower vase were introduced to Europe by islam. These carpets indicated wealth in Eur ope. They are still traded today, mainly by the aristocrats. Moreover, medieval Europe adopted their ideas of technology from the Islamic world.These technologies include, astronomical devices, developed and refined by the Islamic world, which Europe admired and obtained. Other examples include; gearing in water clocks and crops. ROME Rome, one of the greatest empires known, respected for its violence, army and rule. They influenced the medieval. They brought about the advent of advanced weaponry in Europe. Most of the European weapons were collected from the world of rome and transformed into mass destruction devices. The Europeans took advantage of this, and used them in wars.Today, Europe still has a standard class of weapons, used for protection in battles. Moreover, Roman civilization had an effect on the culture, language, architecture and the European government. In terms of language, the Romans spoke latin and latin is popularly spoken in Europe. They were also a major influ ence of classical architecture. In terms of religion, Constantine the great made Christianity a popular religion by restricting the killing of Christians. Now, Christianity is a major aspect in Europe.Many of the cities presently in Europe were founded by the romans and also water system works such as plumbing was introduced by the romans in Europe. Many artistic works were gotten from rome, also, symbols and logos such as; eagle wings, coat of arms normally on flags were gotten from Rome which European flags still bear nowadays. Finally, European parents now name their children with latin names such as; Paulus, Julius, maria and Julia etc. This was a major contribution from in European countries today.

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Legalization of Marijuana Essay

The terms ‘weed’ or ‘grass’ strike meaning to many Americans. When thinking of these terms, they are commonly associated with having the ‘munchies’ also known as being extremely hungry due to the side affects of smoking marijuana. What most Americans don’t realize is the benefits that can come from legalizing marijuana because their minds are clouded by the stereotypes associated with the average ‘pot smoker’. Dismiss the corny jokes and stereotypes for a second and consider the truths that are unveiled. In Timothy Egan’s â€Å"Give Pot a Chance,† Egan looks beyond the stigma of smoking weed and points out the benefits that will come from legalization. Although the government is wrongfully hindering us from legalizing marijuana, it should be a national wide policy due to the large benefit of tax regulations that will and has already arise. Egan starts his opinion with three main arguments: marijuana related drug wars, hypocrisy, and the most important argument he points out is the tax revenue that will be generated. Drug related wars are extremely prevalent today. Egan states that there are over 853,000 arrest made for marijuana related offenses. 60,000 people have been killed because of drug wars and violent crimes regarding the distribution of marijuana. Many people are being affected by the violence of the underground markets. He briefly goes over statistical numbers and significant data to further emphasize his argument for legalization. He quickly delves into the hypocrisy of not legalizing marijuana. He explains how our sports industry would completely collapse without all the legal drugs provided by various companies. Popular products include five-hour energy, red bull, and other pills for other uses. He points out how there were thousands of illnesses and fatalities regarding Five Hour Energy. This is an over the shelf product that can be obtained by anyone. In retaliation, Egan brings up how there are little to no people dying from marijuana ingestion. This also brings attention to one of the most common argument as to why people oppose legalization: that it is  unhealthy for the human body when taken in large doses. Although not explained very well, Egan points out the hypocrisy in the rationale of people thinking this way. Any substance taken in large doses is harmful to any human. Even something as healthy as water is bad in large doses. Although this is not a big part of his argument and does not explicitly say why marijuana is good for one or for the nation, it leads up to and adds to his claim of legalizing marijuana. The main argument for legalization and data that Egan gives is the tax revenue that will come from it. Egan arrives at this data by carefully studying the states that already have legalized medical marijuana including the District of Columbia and 18 other states. Washington State officials estimate that licensed marijuana stores will generate 532 million dollars in revenue every year. On top of that, legalization will decrease all the billions of dollars currently wasted on prosecuting and investigating marijuana cases. Money is being wasted on investigating marijuana cases while in reality most do not even get prosecuted or even fined. Since it is legal in some states and not others, enforcement of marijuana laws are clouded making the United States lose more money. If all states had the same rules it would be easier to regulate and gain an abundance of tax revenue from. Legalization of marijuana will benefit the United States as a nation. Egan agrees that a â€Å"whiff of positive and even monumental change is in the air†. He claims that legalization will benefit us tremendously in many ways, but specifically with the generation of revenue from tax. An influx of money from marijuana taxation would greatly help the United States with financial debt. Egan explicitly links his data to his claim by openly asking his audience to consider his data and apply it to the whole nation and then stating that the taxation would help the United States. He explains that the success from the state of Washington proves that other states will strive as well, thus adding to the success of the nation as a whole. Because there are so many issues and contradicting conflicts surrounding the issue of marijuana, Egan has to state his warrant to further emphasize his reasons for legalization and make apparent the change that could happen. The rhetor, Egan, suggests that the change will most likely happen by stating that â€Å"Obama is uniquely suited to make the argument for change. On his issue, he’ll have support from the libertarian right and the humanitarian left.† Egan implies that since 19 states have  already legalized the use of medical marijuana, many states will follow in their footsteps so it is only a matter of time. Unfortunately Egan had a very powerful qualifier that was not adequately explained. Egan implicitly argues that we, as a nation, should not wait for other states to slowly make the change to legalize. Obama and his administration have the power and more importantly the support to change it now. The lack of explaining this weakened a crucial part of his argument for national legalization. Egan believes national legalization should is needed soon rather than legalization by individual states. At the end of his speech he starts delving into his opinion he quickly adds how the law system is not enforced enough. Egan argues that with legalization nation wide, everyone would be on the same page, which is completely true. With nation wide legalization, the issue of use and abuse can be properly discussed and determined. He uses the example of alcohol and how campaigns against drunk driving have saved countless of lives when alcohol is so easy to obtain. This could be the same way as marijuana. With proper laws, marijuana could be regulated efficiently and safely. Unfortunately he only briefly states this and does not fully explain it clearly. He is implying that marijuana is a problem because congress has chosen to make it a problem because they decided not to deal with it. I thought this did not necessarily weaken his argument but left his audience thinking. Egan was successful at proving his point because of his strong claim, data, and warrant. He chose an engaging and interesting claim that is relatable to many Americans. The sets of data he chose to support his argument was tacitful because all Americans can benefit from money therefore everyone is in some way going to benefit from legalization. Egan makes clear the clouded stereotypes and stigma of marijuana and illuminates the truths involved. No matter our opinion or feelings on the issue, the presentation of information for the audience makes a very convincing argument. Work Cited: Egan, Timothy. â€Å"Give Pot a Chance.† Opinionator Give Pot a Chance Comments. New York Times, 22 Nov. 2012. Web. 27 Feb. 2013. .

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Complaints and litigation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Complaints and litigation - Essay Example Under the system, an individual has the right to file a complaint regarding any aspect of the analysis of the NHS using the NHS complaints system. To use the system, an individual must normally be a patient or former patient of the practitioner or the institution concerned, although it is possible to protest on behalf of someone else. According to Clare (2006) if, an individual wants to protest on behalf of another person, hospital or application must agree that the individual is a qualified representative.Time for filing a complaintThe individual should make your problem as soon as possible after the incident problem. The period for complaints is usually six months from the instance of the incident, or within six months, the person discover that the person has reason to complain but not more than 12 months after the event. However, if a hospital or practice is not aware of the complaint, the six-month period begins to run when they first know about it too long as it is within twelve months after the time the incident occurred.There is sensitivity to waive the time limit where it would be contrary to expect of the person to have complained in time, for example, because of pain or sadness. It must be meaningful to investigate the complaint.The financial compensationIf the person seeks financial retribution for harm to health resulting from medical malpractice, the individual will need to obtain independent legal action. If   the individual is looking for financial compensation.... ual must normally be a patient or former patient of the practitioner or the institution concerned, although it is possible to protest on behalf of someone else. According to Clare (2006) if, an individual wants to protest on behalf of another person, hospital or application must agree that the individual is a qualified representative. Time for filing a complaint The individual should make your problem as soon as possible after the incident problem. The period for complaints is usually six months from the instance of the incident, or within six months, the person discover that the person has reason to complain but not more than 12 months after the event. However, if a hospital or practice is not aware of the complaint, the six-month period begins to run when they first know about it too long as it is within twelve months after the time the incident occurred. There is sensitivity to waive the time limit where it would be contrary to expect of the person to have complained in time, for example, because of pain or sadness. It must be meaningful to investigate the complaint. The financial compensation If the person seeks financial retribution for harm to health resulting from medical malpractice, the individual will need to obtain independent legal action. If the individual is looking for financial compensation, perhaps, lost their property, damaged goods or loss income, it would be helpful to ask the NHS complaints team how to complain as NHS Boards have the ability to give financial compensation. NHS complaints procedure Step One - Local Resolution If the person needs to place a complaint concerning any aspect of NHS system, an individual has to received or refused, the individuals goes to practice, or hospital concerned and request a copy of the complaints process. This

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Revenge Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Revenge - Essay Example The first article found on the website field-of –themes presents the historical and social framework that explains why revenge is a common theme in Elizabethan plays. According to the article, most Elizabethan plays are highly influenced by the Greeks. Seneca, the Roman playwright, played a great role in injecting the theme of revenge in Roman theater. However, revenge as a theme ( like in Hamlet) has its own formula : In all revenge tragedies first and foremost, a crime is committed and for various reasons laws and justice cannot punish the crime so the individual who is the main character, goes through with the revenge in spite of everything†¦ Other features that were typical were the appearance of a ghost, to get the revenger to go through with the deed. The revenger also usually had a very close relationship with the audience through soliloquies and asides. The original crime that will eventually be avenged is nearly always sexual or violent or both. The crime has been committed against a family member of the revenger. ( Another interesting article about revenge in Hamlet was written by Jennifer Alpeche in 2007. Hers was an insightful article that asserts the anguish that Hamlet must go through in order to exact his revenge. It must be remembered that Hamlet almost lost his mind when he encountered his father’s ghost. All the while, people around him suspected that he was madly in love with Ophelia which was partially true. However, it was Hamlet’s contemplative disposition that made him mad upon knowing the truth. To quote: In this scene, Hamlet is still contemplating about suicide. However, it is important to realize that Hamlet is besieged emotionally and psychologically by tough choices he has to make ever since he learned of his father’s death. Hamlet is torn between logic and religion in coming up with a decision. Apparently, morals cannot help him anymore to undo what Claudius has done. Philosophy is not

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Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 11

Law - Essay Example Lastly, the paper will also make suggestion for the further changes to be made in the statute in the light of the changing needs and requirements of the social establishments during the contemporary times. Hence, the paper will provide an in-depth examination of assault in accordance with the statutes of law. It is a reality beyond suspicion that the states and political authorities have always been interested in devising schemes and implementing them in order to maintain law and order as well as to ensure the safety and protection of all members of society. For this purpose, statutes of laws are articulated and enforced for discouraging criminal acts and punishing the offenders, so that crime rate could be controlled in society. The devising of statutes and making amendments in them, for combating the assaults, has always been an essential part of the same campaign launched by the New York legislature and administration. The term assault simply refers to the violent attack on some individual, group or community out of mens rea or criminal intention with the aim of inflicting physical hurt or harm subsequently. Battery and maiming are taken to be the crimes almost identical to assault, which observe proximity with assault in nature and scope, as all the three maintain similar intention and consequences, though effects of the three could witness slight differences (Bryn, 1966:614-5). Battery actually is the occurrence of physical contact between the offender and offended, while maiming could be regarded to be the combination of both assault and battery. Hence, the court of law announces punishment in accordance with the damages appeared in the wake of committing of the offence (615-6). While discussing the elements attributed to assault, there must be mens rea behind committing of this crime, and the act has actually been performed, either it has caused severe harm

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Article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Article - Essay Example During the hurricane, most of the homes had been deserted. In trying to protect property from looters that were taking advantage of the devastating situation, Lawson was making sure that people from the other side of the bridge went nowhere near the homes, even if they could prove that they in fact lived in the area. Even though Lawson felt that what he was doing was helpful to others, he was still singling out people based on either their race or their economic background, immediately targeting all of them for potential home invasion. It was because of Lawson’s actions that many people were not able to make it back to their homes, but were sent to shelters - if they were lucky. In the case of the Cantwells, the family was simply shunted from the bridge at gunpoint. Lawson’s actions that day on the bridge caused an uproar, though there were quite a few people that agreed with what Lawson did. While it was his duty to protect the homes of others when they were unable to, he still made it impossible for other people to return to their homes. Furthermore, the way he handled the situation with the Cantwell family was uncalled for; the Cantwells simply wanted to go home, and Cantwell Jr. had been trying to prove that he and his family lived over the bridge. When they were turned away, they were denied entry back into their own home, and they were not given the chance to show that they actually lived there. They were wrongfully treated like common criminals, despite that looting was far from their

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Approaches to Cinema - German Expressionism Essay

Approaches to Cinema - German Expressionism - Essay Example The essay "Approaches to Cinema - German Expressionism" investigates German expressionism and films of this style. To begin with, it may be particularly important to engage Metropolis in the discussion. Thus, the beginning of the previous century was a time in history when the human society grew more and more different and stratified. Revolution in the Russian Empire showed that there is a big group of people, the working class, who is in perpetual conflict with the wealthy class that oppresses them. All this was heavily influenced by the view of Karl Marx. The movie Metropolis takes the division between the two classes to a new extreme: on the one hand it, shows people living in paradise who know little about what lays under their city– the true hell on earth. The directors were able to show that the two worlds are dramatically different in every aspect: space, light, action and many others. This might be interpreted as a fear of the ultimate stratification of classes. Anothe r popular concern in Germany in the beginning of the twentieth century focused on the possibility that machines might take up the place of man. Metropolis highlights this theme very distinctly: it is shown that a man can invent a machine and cover it with human form and no one will be able to tell the difference. In spite of the fact that the process of copying the appearance is not properly explained in the money and looks to fantastic, the outcome is more than realistic: people listen to the robotic Maria and choose her as a leader.

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The American Civil Rights Movement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The American Civil Rights Movement - Essay Example After the unfortunate murder of King, Black leaders, such as Stokely Carmichael joined the Black Panther movement, and coined the phrase ‘black power’. He advocated Black liberation from oppression and discrimination by any means possible. Therefore, it proved to be a radical movement which utilized violence. The movements’ violent message permeated into most parts of black society. Consequently, blacks treated whites as their enemies and old gang rivalries based on cultural divides were galvanized.Nevertheless, the movement as a whole was nonviolent and very successful. Congress passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965 which made it possible for southern African Americans to cast vote. Prior to this Act, discriminatory literacy tests and poll taxes had restricted black from voting. Furthermore, in 1968, President Johnson signed the Rights Act which banned discrimination in the sale, rental, and finance of housing. In 1967, the Supreme Court ruled that prohibiting int erracial marriage was unconstitutional. Consequently, sixteen states that still banned interracial marriage were forced to revise their laws. In my opinion, the Civil Rights movement transformed the USA completely. Without these brave and audacious African leaders and free thinkers, battling against an unjust society was nearly impossible. Many of the protestors and leaders of the different movements were either targeted by the authorities or tortured by the police. Individual leaders, such as Martin Luther King were even murdered while trying to battle.

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Project management and strategic planning Essay Example for Free

Project management and strategic planning Essay Question: Language style: English (U.K.).   Write strategic planning and implementation steps involved in any project within IT department. Mention the Total quality management steps followed. What are the problems faced? Which problem solving and decision making methods would you suggest to be utilized? Explain. References: Any 2 Sources from the Internet, or Textbooks or journals. An organisation’s IT Strategic planning should combine some amount of tactical planning.   An IT department would require a strategic planning policy to ensure that the staff members and students can use the network on the campus as and when required.    As per the university requirements, all the schools should have a functional IT system, with certain criteria and specifications.   The IT planning would also help the school to share and receive technology from other schools and in this way be of immense help to the students. An IT Department should form a part and parcel of the education policy and processes of the educational institute.   It should be considered as a very important educational and information tool, for the students and staff members.   Let us now look at the actual strategic planning process and how it can be implemented in an educational institute. Strategic Planning is a process of making important decisions in the organisation so that a link between the present and the future trends is formed, choosing the organization’s goals, establishing the policies needed to meet specific objectives and recognising the means of assuring that policies are implemented in an appropriate manner. In a nutshell strategic plans are the â€Å"action plans† (Majdà ºchovà ¡, 2003 Strategic Initiatives, 2007). STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS: Considering an example of a Management institute with special reference to the project to be carried out in the IT department, the following detailing a manager in the unit will have to accomplish and organize (ICFAI). A Manager who is responsible for strategic planning would convert the intentions or objectives of the organisation concrete and measurable strategic plans, policies and budget allocations (Majdà ºchovà ¡, 2003 Strategic Initiatives, 2007). Step one: Defining the mission of the organization Based on the above work assignments, companies change their mission over a period of time to reflect changes in the external environment. The IT unit should address three important issues: What is the business supposed to do? Who are the customers? What goods or services does it offer? An IT department targets the various problems and issues, which are normally faced in a laboratory system of an organisation.   The IT department would provide services to the staff and the students and not merely provide goods alone to the audiences mentioned above (Kotler, 1999). Step two: Drawing up organizational objectives The strategic planning process in an IT department will broadly comprise of the following main objectives to be achieved.   This would help to determine the means of accomplishing the mission: Students online exams / reports / marks, Laptop management (Wi-Fi connection), Internet control, LAN Connections, PC Maintenance, AMC – annual maintenance contract, Software and hardware troubleshooting, UPS, Vendor management, Requisition and procurement of PCs, UPS etc, Intranet management, ERP package connectivity, and Server support  Ã‚   (Kotler, 1999 ICFAI) Step three: Assessing and Analysing SWOT The mangers need to analyse thoroughly the organisation’s current situation in order to develop an effective strategy to gain a competitive edge: Availability of KRA’s Availability of E-commerce technologies and processes Availability of skills in management of the supply chain or the vendor Management of Proprietary technology, superior technological skills, IP, Patents, and the issues concerned with them (Kotler, 1999 ICFAI) Step four: Formulating strategy Michael Porter has described three strategies which can help a firm / unit to gain competitive edge over others. Overall Cost Leadership: An IT firm has to consider the capital investment and access to it, the engineering skills required, intense supervision of labour, products designed for ease in manufacture, etc in order to achieve the its objectives (Kotler, 1999). Differentiation: The IT department may differentiate its products and services into technical and engineering support, strong capability in identifying the LAN, vendors, ERP, Wi-Fi, Internet, skills of the staff members needed, Intranet, etc (Kotler, 1999). Focus: All the above mentioned policies should be directed towards meeting the strategic target of fulfilling the staff’s and the student’s requirements (Kotler, 1999). Step five: Implementing strategy According to McKinsey et al, the best-managed companies exhibit the following 7 elements, known as â€Å"McKinsey 7-S framework for business success†. These include strategy, structure, and systems (known as ‘hardware to success†); and style, skills, staff and shared values (known as â€Å"software to success†) (Kotler, 1999 ICFAI). In an IT department, style refers to the common ways of thinking and behaving of the staff members.   Skills refer to the unique method of handling problems experienced by the organization, especially using creative solutions.   Staffing is the process of hiring, training and allocating the work by the department.   Shared values refer to the common guiding values shared by the staff members (ICFAI). During the implementation, the manager should constantly monitor the technology, staff, incentives/reward system, decision-making processes, structures and functions (ICFAI). IMPLEMENTING TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT This involves selecting the right staff members and using ensuring that the services are of high quality.   The process of TQM is continuous in the organisation so that quality of the organisation would improve (through having appropriate processes, products and services).   Feedback regarding customer satisfaction is gained, and accordingly improvements are made.   The company needs to gain an insight of how the user would be using the product.   Any shortcoming should be identified and modified, as and when needed.   Some of the steps in TQM include: Studying the current quality situation Defining the quality needs Planning for a quality control program initiated by the managers Having structures, functions and strategies for implementing the quality program Allocating and obtaining the resources Monitoring and evaluation of the quality control program (Hashmi, 2000) PROBLEMS FACED: The IT department may face several major problems in cases of IT resource troubleshooting, logistics management, customer satisfaction, changes in the vision of the organisation, leadership problems, incompetent human resources, adoption of new technologies, managing the IP, obsolete facilities, etc (ICFAI). One of the major problems faced by the organisation previously, was regarding the presence of viruses in various network systems.   This seemed a threat to the security of the network.   The organisation had to develop a policy to prevent entry and spread of such virus on its network system.   This ensured that all external connections including CD’s, pen drives, removable discs, etc, were thoroughly scanned so that any virus threat would be contained.   The users were also informed of the security measures that had to be followed whilst using the network.   A strong firewall was installed to ensure that all data entering and existing the network was thoroughly monitored.   In this way, the IT department effectively handled virus threats. A study was conducted in the Institute’s IT Department to determine the effectiveness and the efficiency of the IT department’s network system.   More than 100 individuals were interviewed, which included 80 students and 20 teachers.   It was found that when a definite plan was introduced since 2004, the quality of services provided by the IT department improved drastically.   About 75 % of the staff members and 65 % of the students agreed to this.   The IT personnel are conducting quality checks at various levels to ensure that the services are effective and can enable the organisation to achieve its goals. Services Provided Percent of Staff who felt that the services were good Percent of Staff who felt that the services were satisfactory Percent of Staff who felt that the services were poor Comments Internet 75 21 4 Internet services are very good with fast connectivity and lightning speeds Intranet 50 35 15 Intranet exists, but not updated regularly Messenger 25 13 63 Not utilised very often during instruction Mail 65 26 9 Utilised very frequently and beneficial to all the faculty members and students.   Each staff and student is given their own id and password Library 78 12 10 Services are limited (no of databases subscribed) College Database 50 24 26 Not updated for long Teleconference system 56 25 19 Although, the system is effective and very useful, frequent disruptions occur PROBLEM SOLVING AND DECISION MAKING METHODS: Group Decision making method may be useful in large and complex departments, as the decision adopted seem to be better. Delphi group technique brings a panel of experts together in order to identify the problem and develop solutions for them.   Responses are collected and averaged by the people coordinating the group. It is utilised more often to immediately solve acute problems faced by the unit.   Such problems are time consuming and expensive to solve.   Interacting groups is the most common form of group decision making, in which the members openly discuss the problem, develop ideas, argue about each of them, and choose the best alternative. Decision Tree is a complex instrument that helps the decision-maker to consider various alternative courses needed to solve the problem and select the most appropriate alternative. The decision-maker can implement and monitor the alternative (Kotler, 1999 ICFAI).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Overall, I do feel that from the efforts of the management of the organisation and from the IT department itself, an effective network system has been develop which is very useful for the students and the staff members.   This educational tool helps in education, instruction, and research and even in providing information to the general public.   Regular feedback should be taken from the users, administrators, etc, in order to determine if any modification is required for the IT System, and effectively introduced into the IT strategic plan.   Over, the last four years, incorporation of an IT plan has ensured a faster network, security, greater access, and increased support.   The IT department has also certain trouble shooting devices in place to handle any situation.   This has helped the organisation to achieve its objectives. References: Hashmi, K. (2000), Introduction and Implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM), [Online], Available:, [Accessed: 2007, November 23]. ICFAI Introduction to management, ICFAI Center for Management research. ICFAI Project Management, ICFAI publication of management research.    Kotler, P. (1999), â€Å"Marketing Management: the Millennium edition,† 10th ed, Prentice Hall. Majdà ºchovà ¡, H. (2003), â€Å"Strategic Management For The Nonprofit Organizations†, Electronic Library of Scientific Literature, vol. 51, no. 3.   Ã¢â‚¬Å"Strategic Initiatives Leading Transformative Change†, [Online], Available:, [Accessed: 2007, November 23]. The University of Colorado at Boulder (2002). â€Å"2002 Information Technology Strategic Planning Report.† [Online], Available:, [Accessed: 2007, November 23]. The University of Colorado at Boulder (2002). 2002 IT Strategic Vision, [Online], Available:, [Accessed: 2007, November 23]. The University of Colorado at Boulder (2002). Current Situation (Trends), [Online], Available:, [Accessed: 2007, November

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18th Amendment Congress Essay Example for Free

18th Amendment Congress Essay Congress is who was involved with the 18th amendment which was ratified on January 16th 1919 and went into effect on January 16th, 1920. This amendment was signed in Washington by congress. The 18th amendment prohibits the sale, consumption, distribution, import, and export of all liquors. During the world war prohibitionists made it seem patriotic to conserve grain for the war effort and not to make alcohol. The prohibitionists thought that a sober soldier was a good soldier and a sober factory worker was a good factory worker. Section 1: states that, after one year from the ratification of this article the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors within, the importation thereof into, or the exportation thereof from the United States and all territory subject to the jurisdiction thereof for beverage purposes is hereby prohibited. Section 2: the congress and several states shall have concurrent power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation. Section 3: this article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the constitution by legislatures of the several states, as provided in the constitution, within seven years from the date of the submission hereof to the states by the congress. After the 18th amendment was in effect underground bars called speakeasies were built. By 1927 there were more than 30,000 speakeasies around the country. Famous gangsters like Al Capone made over 100,000 dollars a year. The Volstead act was crucial to the success of the 18th amendment. It gave the federal government enforcing ability. Also it defined criminal penalties except for medicinal or religious ceremony use. The levels considered intoxicating were 0.5% anything over that limit was illegal. From 1911 to 1929 deaths caused by cirrhosis of the liver in men dropped to 10.7 men per 100,000 from 29.5 men per 100,000. By the end of the 1920s there were more alcoholics and illegal drinking than before prohibition. To undo one constitutional amendment it takes another one to undo it. The 21st amendment which is the first and so far the only amendment to restore rights that were taken away from a previous amendment. In 1932 both parties called for the 18th amendment to be repealed. In 1933 congress passed a resolution proposing the repeal. After prohibition was repealed the separate states were the ones that had to govern their own alcohol laws. Most states made the legal age 21 but some states had the age be only 18. No national drinking age existed until 1984 when the national minimum drinking age act was passed. I do not think this amendment should be brought back because it caused many problems and it was almost impossible to enforce. In conclusion, the 18th amendment caused too many problems and should never be brought back because of everything that went wrong.

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Climate Change Policy in the US

Climate Change Policy in the US Climate change to many is a â€Å"hoax† or a daydream, but to others it’s reality. Global warming is the rise of earth’s temperatures through carbon dioxide, air pollutants and greenhouse gases that are collected and trapped in the atmosphere. The pollutants would normally travel to space, but they trap the heat and cause the earth’s temperature to rise. Due to global warming, California has been in a long-going drought, icebergs in Antarctica are melting at a more rapid pace, and has caused disruption in marine-life. EPA, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and the National Center for Policy Analysis has discussed the problems and solutions that the government and citizens of the world can help the earth in its stop to global warming. Ten of the policies being discussed are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency, reduce air pollutants, and much more. The ten policies are: Eliminate all subsidies for fuel use, reduce regulatory barrier to new nuclear power plants, reduce wildfires through Alternative Forest Management, liberalize approval of biotechnology, repeal the National Flood Insurance Program, increase use of toll roads with congestion pricing, remove older cars from the road, reform air traffic control systems, remove regulatory barriers to innovation, and encourage breakthroughs in new technology. The many organizations who wants to inform the world of global warming has fought hard to give the attention that it needs and ways that humans can prevent it. Organizations such as the EPA and the NCPA have given factual debate of global warming and the serious outcomes it could bring and is bringing to the earth. The major debate of global warming policies is the costly measures it will take to protect the earth. There is also debate on if humans contribute to the issue of global warming or not. Many argue that humans can’t have any contribution to global warming, and others disagree. Either way if people believe that global warming is a hoax or not, we as humans should take the initiative to keep the earth clean and green. In 2016, President Obama visited Honolulu, Hawaii as his final family vacation as the president. During his visit, he noticed multiple things that were out of the ordinary for such a place as Hawaii. â€Å"What makes climate change difficult is that it is not an instantaneous catastrophic event. It’s a slow-moving issue that, on a day-to-day basis, people dont experience and don’t see,† says Barack. He also mentions how it is the greatest long-term threat facing the world, as well as a danger already manifesting itself as droughts, storms, heat waves and flooding. (Landler, 2016) President Obama wanted the debate of global warming to be heard before the end of his term. Obama presented ideas to cut planet-heating emissions in the United States. Since his call of awareness, he has been ridiculed by republicans and supported by democrats. Republican, democrat politicians and even economists believe that global warming is a hoax and that Obama is abusing his power a nd this decision could cause harm to the economy Obama said, â€Å"When you see severe environmental strains of one sort or another on cultures, on civilizations, on nations, the byproducts of that are unpredictable and can be very dangerous. If the current projections, the current trend lines on a warming planet continue, it is certainly going to be enormously disruptive worldwide.† Obama’s stance on the state of global warming has yet to change, and would be likely to never change. In 2008, the presidential race between McCain and Obama global warming was brought into debate. They both held the same stance on global warming; believing that it’s caused by humans and Congress should enact legislation to cap greenhouse gas emissions and force polluters to buy and trade permits that would slowly lower overall emissions of climate-warming gases.  (Davenport, 2016) Obama’s cap and trade bill failed through was blocked by senators from the democratic and republican parties in 2010. In the same year, the Tea Party clutched the cap and trade bill as a defense to politics/ the presidency. A year before that, the attempt to construct a United Nation climate change treaty in Copenhagen failed as well. Data proved that U.S. citizens and politician’s opinion on global warming was not the same as President Obama’s, and the discussion of global warming/ climate change fell into shambles. â€Å"There is the notion that there’s something I m ight have done that would prevent Republicans to deny climate change,† Obama said. Republicans, such as Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, were willing to compromise to a more limited climate bill that would restrict emissions only from power plants (Landler, 2016) but Democrats could not agree to such a bill as that. Republican Alexander mentioned, â€Å"The White House wanted 60 votes on climate, and they weren’t interested in Republican votes. Now it’s back to power plant only. The lesson here is that if people who want a result would be a little bit more flexible, they might actually get one.† In Obama’s second term, he took the initiative to cut through Congress with the discussion of global warming/ climate change. Obama and his team establishes the Clean Air Act of 1970 that gives the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the authority to issue regulations on dangerous pollutants. (Davenport, 2016) Obama revealed the Clean Power Plan: a se t of Clean Air Act rules that would end several coal-fired power plants. Many critics imposed that Obama’s plan would damage businesses who flourish on coal-fired power plants. He responded with, â€Å"What we owe the remaining people who are making a living mining coal is to be honest with them, and to say that, look, the economy is shifting. How we use energy is shifting. That’s going to be true here, but it’s also going to be true internationally.† Fast forward to 2017, President Trump has dismantled Obama’s engagement to the stop of global warming/climate change. He has ordered the federal government to retreat from the battle against climate change proposed by Obama destroying the policies that made America a global leader in curbing emissions. â€Å"My administration is putting an end to the war on coal. I am taking historic steps to lift the restrictions on American energy to reserve government intrusions and to cancel job killing regulations,† Trump explained. Following Trump’s order, the government will no longer apply the â€Å"social cost of carbon† (Halper, Trump Orders Government to Dismantle Obamas Climate Change Policies , 2017) allowing for factories, power plants, and  (Halper, Trump Orders Government to Dismantle Obamas Climate Change Policies , 2017) etc to continue to plant harmful gases into the atmosphere. Trump has called for the attention of global warming and climate change to be cut down â€Å"because global warming is a hoax created by China†. Officials have stated that the order instructed from Trump would delete all of Obama’s, EPA, and other environmental agencies work. It has been said that the policies created by Obama and others would cause economic catastrophe. Environmentalists have damned the changes being brought forth by Trump mentioning that the cutback of climate change policies will put humans and the earth at risk, regardless of how long it will take for everyone to â€Å"see† climate change. â€Å"Obama created a labyrinth of rules and orders and regulations to cement his agenda across practically every agency,† Tom Pyle, president of the American Energy Alliance mentioned. Many of the members in environmental agencies agrees that Obama’s plan was for the benefit of human life on this earth and Trump is doing everything in his power to eliminate Obama’s policies. Work Cited Climate Change: Basic Information. EPA. Ed. EPA. Environmental Protection Agency, 17 Jan. 2017. Web. 29 Apr. 2017.Forster, Katie. Donald Trump to Scale Back Importance of Climate Change in Government Decisions, Says White House Official. The Independent. Independent Digital News and Media, 15 Mar. 2017. Web. 29 Apr. 2017.Hirschfeld Davis, Mark Landler and Coral Davenport, Julie. Obama on Climate Change: The Trends Are Terrifying. The New York Times. The New York Times, 08 Sept. 2016. Web. 29 Apr. 2017.MacMillan, Amanda. Global Warming 101. NRDC. Amanda MacMillan, 04 Apr. 2017. Web. 29 Apr. 2017.NCPA. Fox News, 5 Nov. 2015. Web. 5 Nov. 2015Trump Orders Government to Dismantle Obamas Climate Change Policies. Los Angeles Times. Ed. Evan Halper. Los Angeles Times, 28 Mar. 2017. Web. 29 Apr. 2017.

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The Iliad of Homer :: essays research papers

Emotions in the Iliad, Emotions today The 'Iliad'; by Homer is a book that deals with many emotional issues. I am going to talk about a few emotional parts of the Iliad and compare them to the emotional life of today. I have chosen a section of the book and will talk about the emotions that come up there. The section that I have chosen to talk about is in book 18 when Achilles is very angry and very sad about Patroclus death. After that he wants revenge by killing hector.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  First off, Achilles talks about how sad he is about the death of Patroclus. Achilles groaned and answered, 'Mother, Olympian Zeus has indeed vouchsafed me the fulfillment of my prayer, but what pleasure is it to me, seeing that my dear comrade Patroclus has fallen—he whom I valued more than all others, and loved as dearly as my own life? Here, Achilles talks about how much he loved Patroclus almost more than he loved himself. By what he is saying there, you can see that he is very sad, but that he will not just sit there, that something needs to be done. I think that in modern time, emotions haven't really changed. They are something that everyone has and I don't really think that they change from time to time. I still think that people still care about each other very much. Love is still very felt today. It I felt in the same way it always was. I think that when one that was close to you dies, you will have some sort of devastation. I think that one could be as devastated as Achilles was when Patroclus died, but I would think that it would be very rare. I would say that love is just as common today as it was back in that time. After that part, Achilles shows vengeance when he talks about how he wants to kill Hector. 'I will not live nor go about mankind unless Hector fall by my spear, and thus pay me for having slain Patroclus, son of Mencetius.'; There he is talking about how mad he is that Hector killed Patroclus. He is so mad that he wants to kill Hector for it. You see that it is a crazy plan because even his own mother says that he will die if he ends up succeeding with his plan. 'Thetis wept and answered, Then my son, is your end near at hand—for your own death awaits you full soon after that of Hector.

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A Environmental Issue Website :: Internet Website Analysis Environment Essays

A Environmental Issue Website Environmental issues are a large concern in this day. So, I am here to tell you about a website that is geared to informing its readers about the environment in which we live in and why it is important. I am here to enlighten you about this website and ones associated to it, because I personally feel as if the environment is not an issue that people worry and think about quite as often as they should. I am hoping by informing my audience about this site, it will allow the reader to get more involved with the environment and topics which involve our environment. According to Envirolink, one of the most important stories right now is as follows: â€Å"The largest ice shelf in the Arctic, a solid feature for 3,000 years, has broken up, scientists in the United States and Canada said on Monday. Local warming of the climate is to blame, they said -- adding that they did not have the evidence needed to link the melting ice to the steady, planet-wide climate change known as global warming. Climate change has affected ocean temperature, salinity and flow patterns, which also influence the break-up of ice shelves in the Antarctic. "It's not just as simple as it gets x degrees warmer and the ice melts this much," Mueller said. Warmer temperatures weaken the ice, leaving it vulnerable to changed currents and other forces. This is due to the climate change, and if you are interested and want to read more go the Envirolink.† (Envirolink site) If you are interested and want to read more continue reading. You will find important information about Envirolink, and other similar websites such as Institute for Global Communications, and Wild North West. EnviroLink is a non-profit organization and is an online community that unites hundreds of organizations in more than 150 countries and volunteers around the world with millions of people. It is dedicated to providing easy to understand, up-to-date environmental information and news. At EnviroLink, they are committed to promoting a sustainable society by connecting individuals and organizations through communications technologies. They offer their technologies as tools, and solutions to our ecological challenges which lie within their connection to the Earth itself.

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Reflective Journal Teaching Essay

At the end of an Early Years session, we expect the children to be seated on the carpet for their parents to collect them. One of the children was finding it very difficult to co-operate, and continued to move around the classroom, walking and running, picking up toys and making noise. I asked the child to sit down but receive no response. I then asked again for her to sit down and began to move towards her in a way that indicated I was likely to sit her down myself. At that point the child giggled and ran away from me quickly, shouting loudly and refusing to come to the carpet area I felt it was very important the child sat down, with no toys in her hand, and I was concerned other children would copy her behaviour. I felt embarrassed to be under the child’s control! The child seemed to be enjoying this and I did not feel confident at all and immediately regretted trying to move towards her. However I had done so because I felt I imperative all the children were ready quickly as we were running a little late for the end of the session, and the class teacher had already gone to open the door to let the parents in! . I believe I should have acted in a more adaptable manner. I could have considered an alternative way to encourage her to sit where she should be. In Dewey’s publication How We Think (1910) Dewey draws the readers attention to routine action and reflective action, where routine action is largely pre set guidelines, not giving consideration to individual circumstances. Reflective action is considering the individual situation and adjusting as necessary (1910). I should have reflected on the situation as it were happening. The child could have been quickly pacified with a small activity- perhaps helping me to tidy the books away – whilst this is not common practice, it would have still achieved her quietly remaining on the carpet until her parent arrived. I needed to adjust the pre-set guidelines to the individual situation. Dewey also believed we should draw on past experiences whenever possible (1910) and I will consider this in the case of this child. A small adaptation of the rules to meet her needs would be in everybody’s best interests. Allowing the child to have an item or engage in a quiet activity at certain times could encourage a more positive response from her while she settles into the school environment. I will continue to keep a reflective journal so I am encouraged to think more independently and learn to become adaptable. I feel reflecting on experiences and learning from what happens – and seeing the outcome when I put ideas into practice – will help me to grow in confidence and become more effective Practitioner. It will prevent me from being becoming unable to develop individual responses to unique situations. It is imperative that we learn to reflect on our actions. If we don’t, we will simply be Turned into low level operatives†¦while remaining blind to large issues of the underlying purposes and results of schooling (Griffiths and Tann, Ripples in Reflection 1991:100).

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Compare the Techniques Of My First Sonne and Limbo Essay

When looking at the two poems it is clear that On my First Sonne is composed to deal with a father losing his seven year old son. While in comparison the poet Brathwaite is highlighting the topic of slavery. When comparing the two poems it is quite noticeable that they deal with life issues of death and sadness. However, once studying the two poems it is quite noticeable that both poems distinguish and highlight religion. This is highlighted in Limbo as it say’s in the last line â€Å"on the burning ground.† Which can be clearly suggested that it is portraying the Christian image of Hell. Which can be defined as a place where you’re in torture, which relates to the life of an African Slave where there struggling for life in places e.g. the sugar plantations. In On My First Sonne it’s communicating to the reader about religion like Limbo. However, instead of comparing religion to torture, it is discussing can people envy his son because he’s going to heaven? This is particularly shown in the following line where he leaves a question mark â€Å"Will man lament the state he should envie?† Looking at both the poems there’s a huge contrast in there individuality and uniqueness. This is clearly shown through the way that both the poems are written. For example, Limbo is presented in free verse which is probably suggesting that the slaves once had an identity. The word â€Å"Limbo† emphasises that the free verse is trying to show that the slaves were his ancestors with an African past. However, Brathwaite is presenting that the slave dealers stripped his ancestors of an identity for example â€Å"the dumb Gods are raising me.† Showing that the poet has no knowledge of Africans God’s or culture. While in contrast, the techniques used in On My First Sonne shows a traditional English poem about his love to his son. It is also writing about the English tradition of the Church of England and an identity about what it is to be English. Which during it’s time was to believe in the old tradition of religion and heaven. Which when comparing the two it is noticeable that On My First Sonne show’s identity and Limbo conveys lost identity. On My First Sonne it uses Trochaic pentameter in order to create the feeling of sadness by the use of a stressed and then a unstressed syllable. By using this technique it creates a feeling that the author is clueless which is shown through sentences like â€Å"Will man lament the state he should envie?† Limbo also uses Trochaic pentameter in order to create the feeling of sadness as the poem is talking about the struggle of slavery â€Å"long dark deck and the water surrounding me.† When looking at the tenses of On My First Sonne it uses past, present and future. For example in the first four lines there is a use of past. This is shown as he talks about his seven year old child and uses in the last sentence â€Å"on the just day.† It then changes to present, as the poet talks about in the next four lines â€Å"Will man lament the state he should envie?† suggesting he should envy his son because he is in heaven. This quote also shows that he has accepted the death of his son. It then goes to future as the poet mentions in â€Å"soft peace.† This poem shows to the reader that the poet wrote this poem over a long period of time. Showing to the reader the past represents that his child died, the present in between lines is mentioning the child’s burial and the future is that the child is buried and now in heaven. In Limbo there is a use of only present tense and repetition of the title â€Å"limbo†. This technique is used to make the poem capture the audience and get into the character of a slave. Furthermore, the use of repetition creates a tempo and the beat is indicated as it uses the word â€Å"drummers†. However, in On My First Sonne there is a use of punctuation to create the tempo meaning the audience are less involved with the poem. In conclusion this essay shows to the reader the background of the poems one to do with slavery and another to do with England and the Church of England of faith. Furthermore, I’m showing how both poems contrast and how language is used to show tempo and contrast.

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Market Equilibration Process Essay

The economy affects all areas of one’s life and understanding the laws of supply and demand allow one to understand when the market is in a state of equilibrium. This paper discusses market equilibrium associated with the supply and demand of sugar cane in Brazil. The author will discuss the law of supply and demand with the detriments of demand and supply, describe efficient markets theory, and explain surplus and shortage. Brazil Brazil is one of the world’s largest suppliers of sugar, but inclement weather has decreased sugar supply. Brazil delivers more than 50% of the world’s sugar, and the 2011 decline is the first since 2006 (Roseman, 2011). With the decreased sugar crop, the price of sugar is increasing, thus all products using sugar will increase in price as a result of the shortage. The rise in the cost against the supply and demand of sugar takes the sugar market out of equilibrium. Market equilibrium can only be established when quantity demanded meets the quantity supplied (McConnell, Brue, & Flynn, 2009). See the graph showing the market for sugar in a state of equilibrium, and the market as supplies dwindle and prices rise. For the sugar to reach market equilibrium again the supply of sugar must be raised or the demand for sugar must decrease. By raising the price of sugar, the market demand will decrease, thus causing the market to reach a state of equilibrium again. The Law of Supply and Demand For one to understand market equilibrium, one must have a valid understanding of the law of supply and demand. Generally speaking, the law of supply and demand is defined as the producers supplying the goods that people are  searching for or want (What is Economics?, n.d.). A higher demand of product causes manufacturers to increase price, but increased price means consumers are less likely to purchase, thus causing a shift in the supply and demand of the product. Likewise, if a product is in short supply, the demand increases causing producers to increase price, thus decreasing demand (McConnell et al., 2009). Efficient Market Theory â€Å"A competitive market not only rations goods to consumers, but allocates society’s resources efficiently to the particular product† (McConnell et al., 2009, p. 56). This happens because competitors will use the latest technology and resources to ensure production costs remain low, thus allowing competitors to compete for the best price in the market. This results in productive efficiency or producing products in the least expensive way (McConnell et al., 2009). In addition to productive efficiency, competitive markets also have one other attribute. Competitive markets produce allocative efficiency, or the producers’ ability to provide the â€Å"best mix of products and services that consumers’ value† (McConnell et al., 2009, p. 56). The efficient market theory suggests that producers of goods and services control the market by identifying the most competitive pricing. Surplus and Shortage Everyone has a definition of surplus and shortage, but in economics these two bring special situations into the economy. Surplus and shortage cause fluctuations of price from the level of market equilibrium. A surplus of goods in any area causes consumer prices to drop, thus hurting the competitive market (McConnell et al., 2009). Consumers buy the surplus, but organizations sell at a loss. Just as surplus of goods hurts the competitive market, so does a shortage. A shortage is created when the price of a good drops below the equilibrium level, thus raising consumer demand. The demand for the product is higher than the quantity supplied (McConnell et al., 2009). This will drive consumer prices higher, thus causing more and more consumers to stop buying the product. Although one might see a higher price to consumers as a benefit to the suppliers, in the end it results in lost profit as a result of lost sales. Conclusion To effectively manage, own, or market products one must have valid understanding of the market equilibration process. This process is essential to understanding what governs supplier production, consumer costs, and organizational profit. To remain in the competitive market, the organization must strive to remain at the cusp of an equilibrium market. References Colander, D. C., Sephton, P., & Richter, C. (2003). Chapter 5: Using supply and demand. In Macroeconomics (2nd Canadian ed., pp. 104-131). Retrieved from McConnell, C. R., Brue, S. L., & Flynn, S. M. (2009). Economics: Principles, problems, & policies (18th ed.). Retrieved from Roseman, E. (2011, July 7). Poor Brazilian crop threatens sugar supplies. The Sovereign Investor Daily. Retrieved from What is Economics? (n.d.).

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Patrick henry

Patrick Henry gave his speech he knew that not everyone would accept what he had to say. To me everyone should have the courage to stand up for what they believe in no matter how everyone else will view It. Patrick Henry gave this speech because he felt that they were not treated as equals and had the right to be treated equally. Everyone should be treated equally. In 1775 and In today's society all the government cares about Is power and money not the citizens of the united States, It's ore Like what the citizens of the united States can give them.In his speech he gave all the reasons why the government Is messed up and everything that they have done to their people. He did his research before standing up In front of the crowd and telling them what he found out and his pollen on the situation. When he stood up and talked he had no notes he spoke openly about what he believed In and why. I liked how passionate and fiery, he was with regards to the situation with Britain. Henry felt t hat Britain has done wrong, and British wanted to feel superior.That was my same viewpoint, it just seemed like the British did whatever they wanted, and never cared about the colonists. Like Patrick Henry had said we are more likely to look away or shut our eyes against the truth and listen to the song of the siren till she transforms us into beats! This is still going on today in 2014, we listen to the media and our friends and families instead of us developing our own opinions and standing p for what we believe in.Eventually everything that we listen to will turn us into beasts, everything that we listen to whether it be the media or anyone else they could be filling our head with false information. We don't know the truth we only know the truth that they want us to know. Patrick Henry and his followers weren't backing down they were standing up for their rights and for what they believed in. To me that is very inspiring and many more people should follow his example. Give me lib erty or give me death!

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Analysis of Ethical Issues in the Film The Rain Man

?The central ethical dilemma of the 1988 film The Rain Man concerns the proper treatment to be afforded to Raymond, an autistic man who is capable of performing immense feats of mathematical calculation but is psychologically attached to predetermined habits and routines, thus being unable to adapt to changing situations around him. Should Raymond be given a chance to live in an open setting, where he can freely interact with the world around him, or should he be confined to an institution?Raymonds brother, Charlie, discovers Raymonds existence only after the death of their father, who had willed the vast majority of his inheritance to Raymond. Charlie is at first immensely spiteful at his fathers decision and removes Raymond from the mental institution, attempting to blackmail the doctor in charge to transfer $1. 5 million to Charlie. Charlie is easily frustrated by Raymonds habits and oddities, as well as his need to always receive precisely the treatment to which he had become accustomed.However, Charlie later discovers Raymonds intelligent side during a trip to Las Vegas, where Raymond employs his astoundingly swift processing skills to win $86,000 while gambling. The two brothers subsequently forge an emotional bond, and Charlie is reluctant to return Raymond to the institution. He demonstrates the wish to take care of his brother and points out that Raymond has learned numerous new skills and information during the trip. However, the doctors in charge of Raymond show Charlie that Raymonds autonomy is greatly impaired; they ask Raymond a series of mutually exclusive questions, to which Raymond merely answers, Yes. Suzanne, Charlies girlfriend, thinks that Charlies initial treatment of Raymond is too harsh and intolerant. She would like to see Raymond afforded a more flexible and less dominating treatment by Charlie, and is upset that Charlie is using Raymond in order to blackmail the doctor into giving Charlie money. Eventually, however, she becomes pleased by Charlies increasing proximity to and genuine care for his brother. . Charlies initial kidnapping of Raymond was based on Charlies perception that Raymond was an easily manipulated disabled person who would comply with Charlies scheme to extort money from the doctor.Nevertheless, Raymond proves to have a personality of his own, which at first greatly irritates Charlie, but which Charlie eventually comes to love and refuses to relinquish. The doctor remains firm in his stance not to give the money of Charlies father in exchange for Raymond, and Charlie rejects a $250,000 offer in exchange for which he was to have severed all involvement with Raymond. After the doctors demonstrate Raymonds incapacity to make significant decisions, Charlie relucta ntly agrees to allow him to return to the mental institution. Despite the fact that Charlie and Raymond must separate at the end, Charlie promises to visit frequently, and his influence on Raymond has not been in vain. Raymond and Charlie now share jokes, and Raymonds range of comfort with respect to the products, services, and activities of daily life has been greatly amplified. Raymond, moreover, had assisted in rendering Charlies financial state more secure than it had been in the beginning of the film by winning $86,000 in Las Vegas.Charlie also learns to be more patient and tolerant in his relations with other human beings. He learns to discover the merits and values offered by others rather than merely lashing out at them in frustration. The decision to return Raymond to the mental institution demonstrated first and foremost the principle of nonmaleficence. The doctors wished to ascertain that Raymond would not pose a danger to his own life by certain irrational and perhaps involuntary reactions, such as banging his head against a window as a result of hearing a smoke alarm. However, this action denied some of Charlies attempts at beneficence toward Raymond, as Charlie attempted to provide Raymond shelter, entertainment, and opportunity beyond what Raymond was used to or what was offered at the hospital. Though some of Charlies influence remained with Raymond, the doctors decision prevented additional improvements to Raymonds state due to the concern that attempts at these would undermine Raymonds already delicate condition.The principle of autonomy was also denied, as Raymond was deemed incapable of making his own choices; the doctors demonstrated that he would give contradictory answers to the questions asked of him, and thus argued that their paternalistic supervision over his decision-making would benefit him most. An alternative decision with respect to Raymonds fate would have been to allow Raymond to remain with Charlie, but under the supervision of various doctors and psychological counselors.In this way, the doctors could have continued to exerc ise precautionary measures against Raymonds self-destructive activities, while Charlie could have continued to broaden Raymonds comfort zone and eventually render him fit for rudimentary social interaction. This would both benefit Raymond and protect him from harm, fulfilling the principles of beneficence and nonmaleficence. Moreover, Raymond would, with an expanded worldview, gain greater autonomy in making his own decisions. A freer environment (where constraints are flexible rather than rigid) would enable Raymond to have the greatest possible degree of personal autonomy that he is capable of carrying out. Moreover, the principle of justice requires that Raymond be given the same right to the pursuit of happiness as is afforded to non-autistic persons. This means that absolute paternalism over Raymond should be off-limits to his guardians, who need not regulate every detail of Raymonds life in order to ensure his security. This decision would be more consistent with the ethics of principlism than the one actually carried out in the film.

Scale in Space Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Scale in Space - Essay Example While the earth has the biotic diversity with defining interactions, little evidence exists to show possible existence of life in the other planets. This induces uncertainty and prompts need for research amidst theories that people have help about the universe. Efforts by astronomers, into developed knowledge about each planet of the solar system has however developed awareness of each planet’s potential and helped to dispel wrong perspectives that people had developed, and held on, about the planets (Trimble 19). Information exist that demonstrate order in the universe, an arrangement whose existence is known but whose origin and history remains a mystery that only scientific research can unlock. The course has however, and through different approaches, been helpful in developing knowledge on the solar system. Its content that covers much information about the solar system has been informative, and independent research on emerging issues and concerns on existing theories on the solar system has improved my understanding of the system. One of the lessons that I have learnt about the universe is its long-term existence, dating back to more than 38 million years ago. I have also developed insights into forces around the universe that hat has sustained it (Trimble 37). In addition, I have developed great insights from the course with the need to preserve the universe as an important responsibility that human beings have. In understanding the role of the earth in the universe, the course has info rmed me of the need for human beings to be effectively involved in ensuring sustainability of the universe. Even though natural mechanisms exist, initiated and facilitated by different elements of the solar system, which ensures sustainability of the solar system, humans must play an active role in the sustainability through controlling

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CRJS471IP3 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

CRJS471IP3 - Research Paper Example If the dried blood is on small objects, the whole object should be sent to the laboratory after being packed and labeled. However, if the stains are on large objects or on the floor, they must be covered with clean paper and edges should be sealed with tape. If the object is too big to take to the laboratory or the stains are on the floor, the stains must be scrapped onto a clean paper, which is to be folded and packed in an envelope. The stains must not be scrapped directly in an envelope; they must be scrapped using knives that are freshly washed and dried, or any other similar tool. Dried stains must not be mixed together; they should be kept separately in different envelopes and must not be wiped using wet cloth. Blood stains can be immensely helpful in criminal investigations as modern tests help to specify one person from millions. Forensic scientists may carry out DNA tests, ABO blood types, and many others to find out the exact person (Ian, 2010). If a handgun is found at the crime scene, it should never be submitted directly to the laboratory. Loaded guns must be submitted in person and unfired cartridges should be left in the magazine of the gun when the magazine is removed from it. A handgun with the cartridge must never be shipped or delivered through any method. The bore or the chamber must not be cleaned before submitting, nor should it be attempted to fire. The serial number, model, make, and caliber must be recorded and marked on it. Marking the weapons is an important part as it saves the guns from mixing up with others of the same models but different crime scenes. Handguns must be packed in wooden or cardboard boxes. Blood stains or fingerprints can be present on the weapon which can be tested find out the criminals or people present at the crime scene. Shotguns and rifles, and other types of weapons must be separated from one another and sent separately to laboratories. If there are blood stains, they should be covered with

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Principal agent theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Principal agent theory - Essay Example The relationship that takes place between particular agents along with a particular principal is recognized as agency. Under the principal agent theory, the principals liability does not ends when authority is transferred to the agent and the principal continues to be liable to the third party for any shortcoming from the end of the agent. The agent principal theory is applied in various contexts such as employment and real estate. In case of employment a principal agent relationship arises when a owner of c particular company hires a manager to work or operate on his behalf while dealing with third parties. In this case the principal is the owner of the company and the agent is the manager. Similarly, subordinates become agents and managers become agents when subordinates work on the behalf of the managers. In both cases the principal is held reliable for any wrong doings conducted by the agent. Issues in Principal Agent Theory Owners of a company are regarded as principals when the y enter into a contract with the agents as agents accept that they will manage the principal’s business. ... An issue between the agent and the principal does not take place until there is a coexistence of the benefits for both the principal and the agent. A principal might end up experience cost of agency when the self interest of both the individuals deviates. This is because if the agents have the opportunity they will try to ensure that their own utility is maximized as they end up giving more importance to their self interest over the interest of the principal (Steiner, 2002, p.17). There is ample amount of probability that both the agents and the principals do not share mutual opportunities of benefits. The theory of agency even states that a principal cannot be sure whether agent will give importance to his own utility over the utility of the principal thus the principle tries to minimize losses that are projected towards his own utility. They do so by keeping strict control over the agent and monitoring the behavior of the agent. The issue that is caused due to the self serving beha vior of the agent is even recognized as hidden action (Stolle, 2008, p.63). An issue of hidden action arises as the agent may be involved in committing an act that cannot be observed by the principal or the principal does not have the information to identify what the agent is involved into. For example: In the case of real estate, an individual may hire a real estate agent to look for a home with certain characteristics and of certain price. The principal doers not know where to look for a home that is compatible with his requirements and is even not aware of the price of such a house. The agent’s task is to locate such a house and quote the correct price of the house to the principal. Since the agent has the motivation of maximizing his/her utility he may

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Hypnotherapy and Smoking Cessation How Effective Is It Essay

Hypnotherapy and Smoking Cessation How Effective Is It - Essay Example It is not considered useful for physical problems but is said to help if there is any kind of psychological aspect, for instance, phantom pain from an amputated leg. It can help, but it is not a cure. According to one advocate of hypnotherapy, the process is more than hypnosis. It is a partnership between practitioner and patient (Annamalay 1). Even so, the willingness of the client to share control with the practitioner is paramount. The main question becomes: Is hypnotherapy a useful technique or is it actually a profession, a business set up for profit with no real guarantees, even though money-back guarantees are rampant Is it considered a legitimate process in the health field This essay will attempt to explore the hypnotherapist's role in smoking cessation, how much depends on the client personally, how effective the process has been and whether it is a proven source of help for the smoker to cure his or her addiction. Can one discuss hypnotherapy in the 21st century without acknowledging it as part of holistic health The debate continues as to whether or not hypnotherapy is a preferred treatment for tobacco addiction. It must be noted that smoking is an addiction developed over time, basically through dependence on nicotine, a known addictive drug. This physical need, however, can be overcome if a person truly wants to stop smoking and is determined to benefit from any treatment offered. In the area of hypnotherapy, the ability of a person to be hypnotised is based on the willingness of the subject to allow himself or herself to be hypnotised. Therefore the success or failure of such a process is entirely up to the person being hypnotised. Once the hypnosis is successful, the therapist can be helpful in treating phobias, weight problems, insomnia, anxiety and stress in addition to bringing about smoking cessation. Current Development of Hypnotherapy in Smoking Cessation In modern therapy, Ericksonian hypnotherapy is well known in the field. The process was instituted by Milton H. Erickson, an MD who treated many patients using hypnotic techniques and did his best to document his achievements (Hypnotherapy: History, par. 4). He is highly respected in his field, and the process he developed truly can be called a technique. This type of therapy treats the client based on the unique qualities of the individual's needs. Erickson considered the experience of trance or hypnosis a natural, everyday experience; similar to learning to drive or ride a bicycle and finding it has suddenly become a reflexive action. One can also relive or re-experience an event by bringing it into the present through memory. Erickson further challenged the notion that some people could not be hypnotised and believed that interaction with the client would give them the ability to enter into their own treatment, thereby allowing hypnosis to take place (Johnson, 2, 4). The availability of hypnotherapy at present pretty much depends on the financial status of the person wishing to engage a therapist. Most clinics offering the service are privately owned, and the cost can be anything from 30 to 200 an hour. To get hypnotherapy treatment under National Health Service (NHS), it

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CaseStudy Paper Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

CaseStudy Paper - Case Study Example The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and strengths of Shouldice Hospital must be taken into account when considering expanding operations. The strengths of the hospital entails: effective capacity utilization, efficient process, customer satisfaction, and specialized care. The hospital has a very effective and efficient service process. This entails four processes; pre surgery, surgery, recovery and follow ups (Hauch, 2002). These processes are overseen by highly trained and competent medical personnel. The hospital also faces some weaknesses; for instance, narrow product line, number of locations, and age of certain key personnel. The hospital only offers one major medical service; this is herania operations. The hospital should make attempts at broadening the medical services offered; for instance performing other different operations and transplants. Majority of medical specialist at the center are elderly; therefore, the management must start recruiting young medical practiti oners, who will receive mentorship from the older staffs (Bendavid, 2005). There exists tremendous opportunities for expanding hospital operations. For instance, entering new locations, and ability of increasing medical service demand (Atul, 2002). The hospital should open additional branches in the entire North American region. There is a huge demand for hernia operation services in the United States and Mexico. Therefore, the hospital should plan on offering medical services in United States and Mexico. The threats experienced by the hospital during operations are; government involvement, staff changes and inadequate capacity. The government keeps on introducing new legislations governing the health sector. Therefore, the hospital should be up to date on legislation changes. Implementing these new changes may be expensive, due to resources involved

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Light Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Light - Lab Report Example I used five different colors in the experiment. According to Timmermans, (2010) different colors of light have a significant effect on growth of plants, where the amount of energy obtained is different. However, it depends on other conditions, such as temperature, light intensity among others. In this experiment, the researcher has four variables in place. They include independent variables (photosynthesis rate), dependent (effect of wavelength) and factors that are in control and those that were not in control. Control favors included number of leaflets, volume of NaHCO3, concentration of NaHCO3, size of disc used and power of the light that was used. On the other hand, uncontrolled factors were the room temperature that the experiment was carried in. The Hedera Helix discs (leaflets) in our experiment responded differently to different colors of light. The hypothesis of the study is that the rate of photosynthesis varies in different colors of light. The blue color was expected to show the highest rate and yellow color the least effect to the rate of photosynthesis. The requirements for carrying out this experiment successfully include a syringe and beaker/containers. Others incldued leaves (the Hedera Helix discs (leaflets)), holes cutter, NaHCO3 and source of light (colored light bulb). I set up the five sources of colored light in an enclosed system and allowed it to warm up so as to attain equilibrium. I left the Hedera Helix Plant exposed to different light colors for 1.5 hours (90 minutes) using an analog-digital clocks to record the time elapses. This ensured that all the leaves were exposed to light equally. Using the prepared leaves, I prepared the NaHCO3 solution from 0.60g of sodium bicarbonate by diluting it with 300ml of distilled water in a 500ml beaker and added I added one drop of soap. I stirred the mixture gently ensuring that it does not form froth. First I cut small holes into the leaves to obtain numerous

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An Industrial relations issue, its source and how to deal with this Essay

An Industrial relations issue, its source and how to deal with this - Essay Example When employees continue to press for their demands, they are sometimes considered greedy by the management who expect more work from them with little complaints. The employees are thus sometimes considered acquisitive, selfish and a union that has a tendency to consider itself as a political watchdog of the management and abandoning their primary goal of work. This paper reports about origins, development, primary causes and the effects of industrial disputes between the employees and the employers in state corporations. The wider aspects of these industrial disputes go to wage disputes, which most managers cannot justify especially after the global economic crisis. The consumers of goods and services, which results from these state corporations, have suffered a great deal. The quality of goods and services that results from these state corporations have also been greatly compromised since the employees have not devoted a good quality of their time to service. Industrial disputes in Australia Strikes are shaped on many levels that range from the macro to the mundane, as such, attempts to understand strikes must include broadest implications of industrial relations landscape. ... In the university level, students repeatedly mobilize and demonstrate against government measures and core of the union activists agitating from within the political system, causing a lot of disruptions in the learning system. Neoliberalism and labour Neoliberalism reforms, macro stabilization and structural adjustments programs promoted by international financial institutions, state reform, trade and investment liberalization seen in most parts of the world has enlightened the work operations. These reforms have led to creation of free market economies of all types followed by liberalization regimes resulting into protective labour standards. The reduction of employer’s contribution to social security and the dismal of workers with good jobs increased subcontracting of production resulting into increased employment based on low wages and low job security (Price, 2007). These developments weakened the capacity of labour relations to represent the workers hence leading to sever al disputes arising from workers. The establishment of entrepreneurial society dominates moat organizations leading to unexpected labour relations (Alexander and Lewer, 2004). Key developments in Australian employment relations The political and employment relations process at the national level led to the creation of new rules to take care of employment interest and to increase the cooperation between the employer and the employee. The swearing in of Rudd Labour Government and the appointment of Julia Gillard as deputy prime minister saw a number of changes in employment relations but the path to change seemed slower and complicated than anticipated (Burgess and McDonald, 2003). The government has been subjected to a lot of pressure on employment and increase in wage demands from the workers in

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IST Implementation Essay Example for Free

IST Implementation Essay Once the system is created, it is important to test the system, this is so I can discover any faults within the system and to make sure that I have met the end user requirements The system will be tested with: normal data ( data which is the normal to test) Extreme data ( data which is exceeded test range) Erroneous data( data which is totally wrong to test) Macro testing Formula testing- formulas must be correct and linked to specific cells VLookups- must be correct and linked to specific cells the lay out of the test pan will be in table format , illustrating each test as fully as possible at this stage . the plan will include the following column heading:# test no . test criteria what is to be tested test purpose why is it been tested data what data is used to [perform the test ie. Normal extreme expected outcomes actual outcome i will produce evidence of my test results by illustrating each one with screen shots and all will be cross referenced and annotated properly this will be shown after the implementation is done . Testing User interface Test number Test criteria Test purpose Expected outcome Actual outcome 1 Click the command button stock list To check the stock table opens The overall stock sheet should open The stock list worksheet opens 2 Click the command button customer details To check the customer details opens The overall customer details should open The customer details worksheet opens 3 Click the command button Build your own pc To check the Build your own pc opens The overall Build your own pc should open The Build your own pc worksheet opens 4 Click the command button Invoice To check the Invoice opens The overall Invoice should open The Invoice worksheet opens 5 Click the command button Exit To check the Exit worksheet opens The overall Exit worksheet should open The worksheet exits and saves as requested 6 Click the command button HELP To check the help button /Vba opens The help button should open with a message box The help button opens showing a message box Screen shots of Testing : Test number 1 The user clicks on the stock list button and the stock list worksheet opens: As you can see below the worksheet stock list opens and works Test number 2 The user clicks on the stock list button and the customer details worksheet opens: As you can see below the worksheet customer details opens and works Test number 3 The user clicks on the stock list button and the Build your own pc worksheet opens: As you can see below the worksheet customer details opens and works Test number 4 The user clicks on the stock list button and the invoice worksheet opens: As you can see below the worksheet invoice opens and works: Test number 5 1) the user clicks on the command button exit below is what message box appears this give us 2 options. If I dint want to exit excel is would click no and the message box that will appear is : If I clicked yes my work would get saved and it would exit my worksheet . Test number 6 The user clicks on the command button (a) help a message box should appear as shown below (a) As you can see below the help button opens . Test number 7 The user clicks on the homage button (1) and the homepage worksheet will open (2) (1)Homepage button (2) as you can see below the homepage opens once the homage navigation button has been clicked Test number 8 The user clicks on the worksheet button invoice (1)as shown below and the following will show(2) (1)user clicks the button (2) As you can see below the invoice worksheet opens Test number 9 Stock list worksheet Test number Test criteria Test purpose Expected outcome Actual outcome 7 Click the command button home page To check the if the button goes to the home page The homepage should open The homepage worksheet should open 8 Click the command button invoice To check the Invoice opens The overall Invoice should open The Invoice worksheet opens 9 Click the command button hide grid lines To check if the gridlines disappear when clicked The grid lines should disappear The grid lines did not show on the worksheet 10 Click the command button show grid lines To check the button shows the gridlines The gridlines should show The gridlines show on the worksheet 11 Click the command button print To check the button prints the worksheet out The stockist worksheet should print out The worksheet printed out . Customer details(worksheet) Test number Test criteria Test purpose Expected outcome Actual outcome 11 12 13 14 15 Design your own pc (worksheet) Test number Test criteria Test purpose Expected outcome Actual outcome 16 17 18 19 20 Invoice(worksheet) Test number Test criteria Test purpose Expected outcome Actual outcome 21 22 23 24 25 Implementation User interface To set up my new computer system I need to use a spreadsheet software package and so I choose to use Microsoft excel. I used this software as it is simple to use for setting up and provides the most commonly used spreadsheet package . This means that the most of the people who are able to use the pc and use Excel , and I know that the employees at PC systems who will be using the system can use the software . I collected the data for the spreadsheet by contacting Pc Systems contacting office , materials and extra and for the pc parts and other information I used from the PC Systems website. How to record the macros on the user interface and all pages Firstly I used clip are as shown below to get the pictures for my user interface: Below is how I opened the clipart menu Once the clip are menu is opened I searched for the following items for the pictures to come up that I used for my interface clip art menu The following clip art images I used for my interface as shown below MACROS Once the pictures are in place I now can record the macros I need to navigate around the spreadsheet as shown below . Step 1 : Firstly I needed to click on tools then macro and then record new macro as shown below Step 2 Then I give a name for my macro .eg macro 1 then press OK Step 3 Now you will see a little play and pause button icon as shown below Step 4 Now I have to select the destination of the macro as you can see at the bottom of the worksheets there are named worksheets eg when I made the customer details macro I will do the following as shown below. Once customer details has been selected I then clicked stop on the macro button as shown below . Step 5 once I had clicked stop I then clicked on the picture which was relevant to customer details as shown below then right click on the picture and select assign macro as shown here Step 6 Then once it has opened now I will select the macro I have just made to link it with the button as show below Once macro 1 is found then click OK and the macro works and it links to the customer worksheet. I did this to all my macros which are link on the user inter face as shown below I used the same method on all 4 of them. I also have navigation buttons on the other worksheets to return to the user interface so the user can move around my spreadsheet quick and efficiently. VBA code : Vba code is useful for producing message boxes , and are easy to do as shown below and again they are linked to my picture Help I opened vba up as by pressing ALT, F11 together and this screen should appear: (1) (2) entering the code as shown below into vba . I have included the following message for the user so if they have problems with the software or with any formulas or buttons they can contact the helpline so I can help them and guide them in the write direction . Now right click on the picture as I said before and assign macro and then choose helpline and once it is done the outcome is Now I am going to make an exit button using vba so the user can exit excel immediately and saving there work at the same time .using this button below .this method is used again by right clicking on the picture and assigning the macro as shown below : Then open up VBA as shown above. Now enter the code as shown below Once this coded is entered I linked it with my button as shown in the other example and the out come should be as shown below ..first click on the exit icon then this message box will appear If no then If yes then application quits successfully. Named ranges Once I have entered the stock information into my spreadsheet I need to name the ranges to use them in a v look up .to make it easier for the use to make calculations and search for the criteria needed to run the system correctly Step 1 I highlighted customer details as shown below Then I named the highlighted items customerddd as shown below using the toolbar as shown below :then I pressed enter so that it confirms that the name has been changed and is saved . I used this method to name all of my ranges and named them appropriately. To show all of the named ranges I did the following InserName define Then this toolbox opens showing all the named ranges and the formulas in the specific range as shown below . here you can add names and delete them . V-look ups Combo boxes A combo box sometimes called a drop down box is a list of items from which you can choose one item of data.To open the combo box menu I needed to right click on the mouse and select forms as shown below : Once I have clicked on the forms the menu below opened : As shown above I then selected the combo box item, then I drew the combo box in the correct column to make it look professional as shown below . Once I drew the combo boxes they need to be linked to a Vlookup and I need to format the control to link with the specific sell eg, product number as shown below(2) (1) (2) First I had to right click on the combo box and select the format control as shown below Spinners A spinner button enables you to increase or decrease the value of a number in a cell by clicking the control. firstly I right clicked on the excel tool bar and selected forms as shown below . Then I selected the spinner from this menu choice as shown below . Then I drew the spinner on my spreadsheet as shown below : Then I needed to format the spinner to a specific cell to make calculations as shown below .i firstly right clicked on the spinner and the menu below appeared I then selected format control as shown below and the following message box appeared . Evaluation In my evaluation I will first of all consider each of the end user requirements stated in the specification in turn and my objectives , and evaluate the success of below are my general objectives Start up screen and Homepage buttons and links to all the pages back and forth . I have met this objective as My spreadsheet has a start up screen and various buttons which were requested by the user so the user can move around the spreadsheet efficiently and are able to open and close worksheets also there are 2 other buttons which I used vb code so if the user gets stuck or damages the spreadsheet they contact the help line also there is a save and exit button which will make a back up of the work for future reference and a print button eg. For the output of the invoice as needed which will save a lot of time compared to the old system where everything is done by paper and when a record needs to be found it took a long time and even got lost on the other hand the spreadsheet saves records and time and is much more reliable and efficient compared to the old system Various work sheets such as , hardware sheet ,invoice sheet etc I have met this objective as there are 4 separate work sheets to separate the collection of data (stock) and the output(invoice) 4 separate sheets helps the user move around the interface smoothly as he can open and close the preferred work sheet as needed Automatically store customer details and what they have bought. Once item is bought it is taken away from the stock. Protect the work sheet so no formulas can be altered by the user . Use formulas to calculate total cost and vat etc Labels to help the customer when moving on to a button option boxes to let the user choose the best product eg memory for them Limitations In the system there are various limitations I have recognised. In one of my validations it wasnt accurate as when I typed in incorrect data the error message wasnt displayed . this would then create inaccurate data as the user wouldnt be aware of there mistakes Improvements In the system there are various improvements that can be made to improve the overall system Also to improve my system I would create a separate spreadsheet that contains each customers details of the products they have previously bought and what they have ordered so the end user knows what the existing customers have bought so the user can deciide to give discount for spending so much money etc valuable customer. End user comments I arranged a meeting with mr Anderson who will be using the system to see how he feels about It and helps reduce work load that he originally had to do . I first of all gave the end user a couple of days to familiarise to the new system Here are the end user comments : * The deign is practical and doesnt irate the eyes the colour is restful and doesnt distract the users attention . * Navigation is easy , as is adding and deleting information * Alternating through the worksheets are very easy * The out out of the system (the invoice) are very organise and very consistant * The macros , formulas and v look ups help reduce lots of manual imput which saves time . * There are few errors made as validation used on different data helps keep data accurate and up to date My overall comments I think my design is reliable and easy to use , there are only a few things that I can change and they are mentioned in my improvements , I think I have reduced massed amounts of user input compared to the paper work what they had to do before which took allot of time and effort , also the system looks professional and is very efficient and is very user friendly. User guide Contents page Description Page Introduction / Installing / Opening the system Functions of the user interface Customer sheet Entering customer details Deleting customer details Introduction Welcome to the Invoicing System. This system has been created so that you can create an invoice in a seconds compared to the paper work that you used to do. Installation The system works directly off the USB memory stick, or alternatively you can copy it to the computer and run it from your computer. Simply press ctrl c on the Invoicing System file, and then press ctrl v in on the hardrive or in my documents on your computer Opening the spreadsheet system * Insert the USB stick . * Next, click on My Computer * Next, open the memory stick (a). If the logo is not there then wait for a couple of minutes as computer may be trying to detect the key or press F5 to refresh the page to help the computer detect the inputted device . then click on the invoice system (b) and open the file (A) (b) Once the system has been opened the following pop up will appear about the security of the spreadsheet on the screen as shown below If this is presented then simply click on Enable Macros. This will activate the buttons in your spreadsheet . but if you click disable the spreadsheet will open but the macro buttons will not work which will effect the spreadsheets efficiency (C)The screen below will be presented once the spreadsheet has opened below : User interface The user interface is the heart of the system which allows you to access the invoice system, and to access the stock list and access the customers list and allow users to choose what they would like to buy. To do this, simply click on the buttons at the top of the screen. These buttons are on all sheets, in the same place and with the same names, they will all open their appropriate areas when you click on them and do the tasks the same . Customers To enter the customers details into the system, you will first need to select the button from any area. This will open up the customers sheet which should look something like the one below.