Friday, July 19, 2019

Amazonian Economy and Exploitation Concerns Essay -- Brazil Amazon Eco

Amazonian Economy and Exploitation Concerns The economy of Manaus, Brazil and of the Amazon Basin draws from the many natural resources of the region. The indigenous populations of the Amazonian floodplains participate minimally in the market economy, sometimes selling fish during productive seasons. Their lifestyles are predominantly self-subsistence, so there is no real need for cash. Manaus, on the other hand, is a large, developed city with a thriving local market and healthy exportation market. Products of the rainforest and river used in the market include fish, rubber, brazil nuts, hardwoods, and other plant fibers. Extracted and mined from the earth are minerals such as manganese ore, diamonds, gold, and petroleum. Eco-tourism, in which outsiders tour the land and river, is a part of the local economy. Chemical production is also a part of Manaus’ economy. Exploitation has been a concern since the Europeans began colonizing Brazil, but it has been an area of concern more recently. One exploited population, the native peoples, is often overlooked. Colonizing Europeans...

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