Monday, November 4, 2019

Criminology- TERM PAPER ASSIGNMENT Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Criminology- ASSIGNMENT - Term Paper Example According to Clarke (1997, p 145), SCP is a crime prevention strategy in which opportunities for crime are reduced. Sacco and Kennedy (2008, p. 171) on the other hand state that SCP emphasizes the relationship between the criminal’s fear of being apprehended and the particular circumstances that surround the criminal activity This strategy targets highly specific forms of crime like domestic burglaries, burglaries at commercial places, carjacking in parking lots, kidnapping and even highly organized crimes. Measures applied in SCP involve the manipulation, management or designing the environment systematically and permanently (Clarke, 1997, p 148). Such measures make the crime seem harder to succeed, more risky and less rewarding according to Clarke (1997, p 148) and Sacco and Kennedy (2008, p. 337). They affect the target assessments carried out by potential offenders in regard to costs and benefits of committing the crime (Clarke, 1997, p 149). This makes potential offenders reconsider their plans because their ability to get away with and benefit from the crime has been challenged. Situational crime prevention also involves target hardening measures according to Clarke (1997, p 150). An example of environmental management and design that harden the target is proper surveillance in roadways and parking lots especially in new residential places. Such places are targeted more by burglars who park vehicles for transporting stolen goods in dark places near the targets. It also includes improving lighting and increasing security at most vulnerable times of the day in commercial places (Clarke, 1997, p168). Natural and techno-surveillance in potential target areas is boosted by having security personnel, and enhancing their work using closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance and burglary alarms according to Clarke (1997, p168). On their own, CCTVs may not lead to a reduction in crime

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