Saturday, November 2, 2019

Answer Critical Question about The Acute Effects of Humor and Exercise Essay

Answer Critical Question about The Acute Effects of Humor and Exercise on Mood and Anxiety - Essay Example Based on this information, the author is able to develop new variables which to study based on the hypothesis which has been developed form previous studies. The study design is a quasi-experimental design. This is because there are experiments which are being performed upon the participants but there is not control group, which is normally the case in true experimental design. The interventions are being applied to assess the outcome. The sampling design was non-randomised as the participants were selected with certain specifications which the researcher desired. The specifics of the participants imply that non-random approaches were utilised in the sampling of the participants. The number of participants which was utilised within the context of this research appears sufficient to achieve the desired purpose of the research. This is mainly because previous studies which had been carried out consisted of relatively smaller number of participants and still yielded reliable results. Ecological validity is the capability for a study to be able to approximate the real world requirements in terms of materials, methods and setting. The author sought to maximise ecological validity through not information the participants about their experiments to ensure that there is no bias as a result of perceptions and expectation The author ensured there is treatment fidelity through ensuring the comfort of the participants by adherence to the required regulation the quantity and exposure of the participants to the treatment has also been limited for the safety of the

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