Sunday, September 8, 2019

Light Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Light - Lab Report Example I used five different colors in the experiment. According to Timmermans, (2010) different colors of light have a significant effect on growth of plants, where the amount of energy obtained is different. However, it depends on other conditions, such as temperature, light intensity among others. In this experiment, the researcher has four variables in place. They include independent variables (photosynthesis rate), dependent (effect of wavelength) and factors that are in control and those that were not in control. Control favors included number of leaflets, volume of NaHCO3, concentration of NaHCO3, size of disc used and power of the light that was used. On the other hand, uncontrolled factors were the room temperature that the experiment was carried in. The Hedera Helix discs (leaflets) in our experiment responded differently to different colors of light. The hypothesis of the study is that the rate of photosynthesis varies in different colors of light. The blue color was expected to show the highest rate and yellow color the least effect to the rate of photosynthesis. The requirements for carrying out this experiment successfully include a syringe and beaker/containers. Others incldued leaves (the Hedera Helix discs (leaflets)), holes cutter, NaHCO3 and source of light (colored light bulb). I set up the five sources of colored light in an enclosed system and allowed it to warm up so as to attain equilibrium. I left the Hedera Helix Plant exposed to different light colors for 1.5 hours (90 minutes) using an analog-digital clocks to record the time elapses. This ensured that all the leaves were exposed to light equally. Using the prepared leaves, I prepared the NaHCO3 solution from 0.60g of sodium bicarbonate by diluting it with 300ml of distilled water in a 500ml beaker and added I added one drop of soap. I stirred the mixture gently ensuring that it does not form froth. First I cut small holes into the leaves to obtain numerous

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