Saturday, September 7, 2019

An Industrial relations issue, its source and how to deal with this Essay

An Industrial relations issue, its source and how to deal with this - Essay Example When employees continue to press for their demands, they are sometimes considered greedy by the management who expect more work from them with little complaints. The employees are thus sometimes considered acquisitive, selfish and a union that has a tendency to consider itself as a political watchdog of the management and abandoning their primary goal of work. This paper reports about origins, development, primary causes and the effects of industrial disputes between the employees and the employers in state corporations. The wider aspects of these industrial disputes go to wage disputes, which most managers cannot justify especially after the global economic crisis. The consumers of goods and services, which results from these state corporations, have suffered a great deal. The quality of goods and services that results from these state corporations have also been greatly compromised since the employees have not devoted a good quality of their time to service. Industrial disputes in Australia Strikes are shaped on many levels that range from the macro to the mundane, as such, attempts to understand strikes must include broadest implications of industrial relations landscape. ... In the university level, students repeatedly mobilize and demonstrate against government measures and core of the union activists agitating from within the political system, causing a lot of disruptions in the learning system. Neoliberalism and labour Neoliberalism reforms, macro stabilization and structural adjustments programs promoted by international financial institutions, state reform, trade and investment liberalization seen in most parts of the world has enlightened the work operations. These reforms have led to creation of free market economies of all types followed by liberalization regimes resulting into protective labour standards. The reduction of employer’s contribution to social security and the dismal of workers with good jobs increased subcontracting of production resulting into increased employment based on low wages and low job security (Price, 2007). These developments weakened the capacity of labour relations to represent the workers hence leading to sever al disputes arising from workers. The establishment of entrepreneurial society dominates moat organizations leading to unexpected labour relations (Alexander and Lewer, 2004). Key developments in Australian employment relations The political and employment relations process at the national level led to the creation of new rules to take care of employment interest and to increase the cooperation between the employer and the employee. The swearing in of Rudd Labour Government and the appointment of Julia Gillard as deputy prime minister saw a number of changes in employment relations but the path to change seemed slower and complicated than anticipated (Burgess and McDonald, 2003). The government has been subjected to a lot of pressure on employment and increase in wage demands from the workers in

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