Sunday, August 11, 2019

Article # 8 (due 11-16) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Article # 8 (due 11-16) - Essay Example The total cost of NovaHealth per member had reduced by 16.5 percent to 33 percent as compared to non-Aetna members. The program major achievement is cost savings resulting from decreased readmissions and emergency department usage. According to the article, such partnership will lead to savings. The money saved can be used in the improving reimbursement to primary care physicians. The article stipulates that such results can only be achieved when there is implementation of several essentials. The two organizations had to adopt electronic health record in order to facilitate data sharing and analysis. The communication and trust between the organizations is also vital for the success of the program. The health plan requires the assurance that healthcare providers are delivering the highest quality services at the lowest possible cost. On the other hand, healthcare providers require health plan willingness to share with them accurate data. According to the articles, the success of the program has motivated NovaHealth and Aetna to plan on extending the program to all NovaHealth patients and Aetna’s non-Medicare members. I feel that such partnership should be encouraged so as to improve healthcare delivery and save

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