Friday, October 18, 2019

Gender Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Gender Communication - Essay Example However, the major difference that plays a role in determining the manner which men and women communicate is their sexes. In the recent years, linguistics have begun studying the differences in the communication styles, between a man and a woman. The main reason for carrying out these studies is for purposes of identifying the differences in the communication styles that exists between a man and a woman. This in turn would help both men and women to adapt with each other, and hence form a meaningful relationship (Berger, 2006). The differences in these communication affects men and women in a variety of ways, and this includes in any social set up, and examples include in a religious set up, at work, in sports, and even in academics. Therefore, having an understanding on the manner of managing these differences is important in developing a relationship between a man and woman. This paper examines the various differences that exist in the manner which both men and women communicate. The roles that women and men play, is reflected in the manner which they are able to interact with each other, and the methods that they use for purposes of interaction. One of the most important elements that exist in the communication methods of women is to establish and maintain relationship with other people. This is one of the most dominant methods of defining the feminine use of the process of interaction. Berger (2006) explains that women normally use language, for purposes of developing connection, maintaining a sense of closeness, understanding each other, and providing support to each other. These are some of the essential elements that are needed for any relationship to be formed. Berger (2006) further explains that women normally value creating equality through achieving of asymmetry. In their communication, women are also known for expressing their emotions, and using language that can help in

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